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D. R. Denning & Associates primarily furnishes general management services on a day to day basis and on a contract or fee basis to management of private, nonprofit, and public organizations. We provide the management and operation services of a businesses where an operating staff does not exist or is too costly on a full time basis.

We perform a variety of activities, such as strategic and organizational planning, financial planning and budgeting; marketing objectives and policies; information systems planning, evaluation, selection and operation.

Whether you are launching a new association or have an established membership, D. R. Denning & Associates can provide services tailored to your individual requirements:

astricgreenfill Executive Administration

  • corporate headquarters location
  • board and committee support
  • coordination
  • member services

astricgreenfill Event Management

  • conference management and marketing
  • conference registration
  • direct mail promotions
  • survey design and data analysis
  • financial management

astricgreenfill Membership Management

  • member development
  • recruitment and retention programs
  • membership lists maintenance
  • directory development

astricgreenfill Communications Management

  • web design / hosting
  • domain name procurment and registering
  • web site development & content management
  • internet coordination (i.e. e-mail, chat rooms,on-line meetings)

astricgreenfill Financial Services Management

  • budgeting, cost control, cash flow
  • investment
  • IRS documentation services
  • corporate support

astricgreenfill Publications Management

  • newsletters
  • brochures, promotionals
  • editorial services

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